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This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, Tamara Moore who was born in Columbus Ohio on August 11, 1977 and passed away on December 08, 2005 at the age of 28. We will miss her forever. She was a free spirit who chose to live her life as if there was no tomorow and I guess she knew what she was doing as her tomorrows came to an end way too soon
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RIP  / Stacey M. (-)
I am really sorry for your lost but just have faith in knowing that she is with God now, and in the company of my Great-Grandfather and 3 good friends. It is terrible that it had to happen this way, but we will all be with her before we know it!
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sorry for your loss   / Paula Carver (stranger)
I am so sorry for your loss I have 4 beautiful children and that is my biggest fear,loosing one of them,I can't imagine the pain you-yours must have felt(still feel).My prayers are with you,God Bless You
Blessings to you and your family   / Phil (None)
I am sorry for your loss.  Blessings to you and your family, today and every day.
"I Found My Way"   / Donell Godsey (Family Friend )
More cries than smiles I've shared in my time
A product of my envirnoment I have declined
The love I received in one time cancels out what I have shed in a lifetime
But in due time I was HARDCORE
A hard knock life is what I ha...  Continue >>
I just wish!!   / Claude (Dr.) B. (Bombay) (*Brother*)
Oh SIS! I wish I woulda nown ya! Fer ya ta MAKE yer Mami rest & relax whlst she's feelin' sick. Hafta tell yer Baby Nephew Nat is SUCH a handful! So I've been told. LOL! I KNOW yer up thre smilin' down on yer Moms... Just GRIN from time ta time!!...  Continue >>
heaven / Kathy Bryce (mom)    Read >>
Hugs / Bhing Selvano (foster sister )    Read >>
Response To A Letter From Heaven  / Bj     Read >>
Sorry for your loss.  / Steven Rodriguez (stranger)    Read >>
to tamaras family  / Deborah Higgins     Read >>
only for a while  / Mom &. Dad (parents)    Read >>
angel / A. Friend (none)    Read >>
A lit candle  / Thomas Owens (friend and associate )    Read >>
To My Dearest Family  / Kathy Moore-bryce (mom)    Read >>
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Her legacy
Legacy of a Family  
Tammy leaves with us most of all the lesson of Love and patience and that family should always be bound together and there for each other no matter what you do not get to choose who is a part of your family but you are chosen by God to be a part of each others lives and sometimes that's all you have but it can be enough if you stick together. We all went through our times with Tammy but one thing she always knew was that no matter where she went or what she did we were there for her and that we loved her. She was never blessed with children but she loved them especially her nephews and nieces. Aunt Tam will be missed by them especially her nephew Tai who she loved so much because he accepted her and loved her unconditionally
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